Terrorism is a centuries old problem that with the al Qaeda attacks on the United States, has assumed new prominence. But while terrorism has become a major preoccupation in the United States it has long been a serious problem around the world.

Select four terrorist organizations.

Address the following:

1.Briefly discuss the environments in which each terrorist group operates

2.How do your terrorist organizations use radio, television, and the Internet (e-mail, blogs, and the Web) to manipulate public opinion?

3.What similarities do you see in the use of these media by the terrorist organizations? Differences?

4.How can states and the international community be more effective in using these media to win the ??hearts and minds?? struggle against terrorism?

Your response should take care to address each of the media listed above. Concrete examples should be included.

General criteria:
Response addresses the issue(s) raised in the topic and/or answers the question(s) asked;
Originality in the approach to the topic;
Depth and breadth of the research;
Depth of the analysis;
Organization and writing skills in the presentation of the response.