After Each Research Question, Discuss Why you are Asking the Question and What you hope to gain from the data which could be beneficial to the target population: [University Professors, College Faculty, University Administrators, University Provost, University Deans, Legislators, and Tax Payers].

Note: I have not collected any date at this point, the study is Mixed Methods Study.

Below are the research questions…

1. What changes in organizational structure occurred after tenure was granted?
2. What barriers impeded the collegial implementation of post-tenure review policy?
3. What factors at the organization facilitated post-tenure research, service, and teaching effectiveness?
4. Does the perception of the tenure culture affect organizational effectiveness?
5. Does tenure impact research, service, and teaching?
6. Does post-tenure review policy diminish collegiality?
7. Does granting tenure enhance organizational effectiveness?

***If sources are needed to write the example paper, Please use Journal Articles or Accessible Web Sites Only! Do Not Use Book(s) because I cannot locate the source(s). ***
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