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Write a compare and contrast paper on the two articles form (Exploring Language 9th Edition by Gary Goshgarian “Missing the Mark” pp. 251-254 & “Stop Blaming Kids and TV” pp.257-260) on Teenage Violence.

*Need to use point by point method.
*Intro, 3 – 4 body paragraph with some examples for each, conclusion.
*2-3 Quotation from both article

Ideas in hte essay ned to talk about:
*Thesis need to use – Although both articles try to provide explanations for youth violence, … is more convincing because … (… need to fill in)

1. discuss teenage violence
2. kid”s confrontation with violence makes them violent themselves ( but difference where they encounter violence)
3. idea of imitation, discuss of why teenagers are violent. Why do they imitate violence?
4. don”t blame kids

Differences from Missing the Mark:
1. stress gender (boys), examples: shootings, comlubine, mass murder
2. boys mostly encounter violence in hte media/cultural indoctrinationfraction violence, example: video games, movies(stars), sports, music
3. imitation of media –> feel masculine, to fit inot hte society they accept the media mesage that being violent is masculine and therefore good media heros as roole models.
4. society is to blame boy”s violence because it promotes a false dangerous image of maculinity. examples: media al et, reasons.

Differenced from Stop blaming kids and TV:
1. not gender specific, “kid”and “teenager” only, violence + murder in general, not specific, leaves out “shootings”
2. kids encounter, violence at home (domestic violence). “real” violence, first hand violence.
3. imitation of partens, imiataion is inhertant in a child”s learning process –> feel mature, kids cannot help being violent, they don”t learn to react to their anger or frustratoin other than with violence parents.
4. The close social environment (esp. parents) are to blame, refuaton of hte media influences (narrow)