Guidelines for Writing Introduction, Body and Conclusion

All source material must be within the last 10 years.

Since this is a review of research and not your original work, make sure to use citations and include a reference page for your cititations following APA style

All questions have to be answered in the paper.

Intro Section:

1. What type of family violence are you addressing? Teen Dating Violence.

2. Why is it an issue for society? What are the costs to society? Discuss prevalence rates for the United States.

3. Mention the sources you have used.

4. Talk about how the paper is organized: Ex: in Part 1, I will discuss….In Part 2 I will dicuss…
(referring to the Body in the next section)

Body Section:

Part 1: Discuss this type of violence through the eyes of the victim — how is she/he affected physically, emotionaly, financially and socially?

Part 2: How does the offender explain his/her behavior? Does he/she deny, minimize responsibility, blame other?
(Use work or personal experience if appropriate.)

Part 3: What does the research say about rehilbilitation for this type of offender?
What type of interventions does the research say may be effective for this type of offender?
Do you personally think they can be rehilbilitated; state your case logically based on what you have read, experienced, or heard about.) This is the critical thinking part of my grade!

Conclusion Section:

Please summarize what you have written in a paragraph.

What further research does this issue suggest would be helpful for the furture to understand the issue better?