A vendor upgrade: from Ex Libris Voyager to Ex Libris Alma
for an Academic Library

A written technology proposal for the adoption of a specific library system, technology, or technology enhancement. The technology should be targeted to a specific library system, either a real system such as the student’s employer, or a well-defined but hypothetical library system. If the library system exists, please include a complete citation to the library’s website.

The proposal should include as minimum elements:
1) A detailed explanation of the different users of the library system, including different departments, different collections, different user groups and demographics;
2) A complete explanation of the technology upgrade under question (including citations to the technology vendor as appropriate, peer reviews of the technology in all available published literature online and in print, and comparisons to other live instances of the application if possible), and
3) A clear analysis of the benefits and costs of the technological change for the specific users or this library system.

Write from the position of a lower-level library administrator, clearly explaining to the decision-makers: the Board, the Trustees, the Partners, the University, etc., why this particular technology is important to the specific needs of this library system and its users. Do NOT merely give a vendor’s perspective but rather critically address both the benefits and costs.

Examples of technologies possible could include: a different ILS vendor or a vendor upgrade; a shift to open-source, virtual reference services, wireless or mobile technologies; adaptation of social media or other emerging technologies including linked data or cloud computing; adoption of a new cataloging standard such as FRBR, etc. The possibilities are wide.