My paper is a research project on Teamwork: The Promotion of a Collaborative Work Place. I am requesting chapter two of my 5 chapter research project.

Thank you in advance
Things that I am requesting that is free as stated on the website:
I need reference pages for this in APA
times new roman…12 font on all of paper
double spaced
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rewriting (if does not adhere to specifications of order)
copies of sources

Literature review
An introduction is required, however, this does not require a title. The information in this chapter should show the reader that the writer has examined all literature relevant to the project, and has done the homework on the subject.

Section titles can be used if the writer has several areas to review. Make sure all information is related to the subject and kind of study being conducted. The writer should be comprehensive but avoids using more information than needed.

points to remember!!
minimum of 15 quotes and 16 sources! with a reference page or pages
1. the information in this chapter helps explain the problem.
Earlier in the paper my problem statement includes: minor mishaps that reoccur resulting in lost time of production, agitated employees, hostile work environments, unorganized work setting, not communicating as a team, peoples addiction to lay blame which makes accountability and personal responsiblity nearly impossible, and others only wanting to help others that have helped them.. a reciprocal approach.

2. The information explains why the study is important

3. The information explains why the study has the potential to help solve the problem.

4. The chapter includes information from other studies that is related to the topic reviewed.

some topics to write about in this chapter:
types of teams
characteristics of effective teams
team development
measuring team performance
successful teams

Quotes need to have name date and page # as in APA format