Professional Challenge – Recommendations for Team Leaders

The Unit 6 assignment, “Best Practices: Recommendations Team Leaders” is the final submission, which focuses specifically on recommendations you would provide to teamleaders who work in teams. It should draw on the research and analysis of the earlier units and include the following elements:

? Describe the team leadership issue you studied and explain why it is important. Draw on your Unit 3 rationale.
? Describe your analysis of best practices for the selected team leadership issue supported by research findings.
? Describe roles, responsibilities, and success factors. Draw on your assignments in Unit 4 and Unit 5.
? Present three to five recommendations for team leaders and provide a rationale for your choices. Support your arguments with points from your research findings conclusions.

Project Objectives

To successfully complete this project, you will be expected to:
1. Explain the primary responsibilities and best practices associated with team leadership roles.
2. Investigate best practices and potential methods for improving the effectiveness of a team.
3. Analyze the characteristics and variables that make teams effective and ineffective for team leaders and members.
4. Describe how the work processes help a team accomplish its goals.
5. Analyze how team-building processes contribute to positive team relationships and climate.
6. Synthesize team leadership processes.