backgroud info:
Company: Advertising Company.
Case: We are wrting a proposal, to a advertising company that had just bought another small advertising company with only 4 employess(each with different culture), to propose a team building activity to let both members in the companies get to overcome the cultural barrier problems that will occur.

The proposal should include: excutive summary, activity, overall summary of activity, BENEFITS.

Team Building Activity:
4. Step by step team building activity, so that if you were to give this to someone they would be able to execute this activity effectively.
5. Overall goal
6. Include what impact you are looking at: social, ethical, or communication and examine through research why you feel a team building activity is necessary to help build your proposal and activity
7. You need to provide recommendations to your employees on how to apply the activity in their daily duties.

Graphics: If appropriate, incorporate graphics, video, etc., you feel will help the reader understand your points and assimilate them easily and efficiently.

Sources: This assignment requires research as well as applying the impact as to why you are proposing this activity. You must use at least 3 different sources. You must provide a “Reference” page (in addition to the proposals basic page count).

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