Teaching Adults MED-643 Dr. Cain

Paper 3 – Technology and Teaching (APA 6th Edition)

This I have chosen Video-journaling as the topic of this paper; as I may be able utilize this content in my thesis chapters 3, 4, and/or 5. However, this paper is for my ?TeachingAdults? class.

From my course notes, these assignment specifications are:

Choose a technology new to you:
As an art process and a teaching tool (and otherwise), I have very limited knowledge and experience with the technology of video journaling.
Concisely detail how you might use it to teaching adult learners.

Rubric Specifications:

You will need to find both information about the technology and examples of its? uses in the learning environment. You need to have a minimum of 3 outside sources included in your paper. The paper will be 5 pages typed and must include the following information:

A description of the specifics of the technology
Is it software and/or hardware = I am assuming the process is ?both?
Who uses it =
What aspect of learning does it support? = The theoretical framework of the constructivist theory, Kolb ELM, and Embodied (Somatic) learning theory support a student-centered learning environment. Key words may include creativity, self-directed learning, and visual literacy.

*Adult learning is not mechanical.

You need to find at least 2 examples of the technology in use and provide a clear description of those examples.

Provide a summary section that outlines how and why you would utilize the technology in your own learning environment.

Be cognizant of the fact that this is term paper, not a literature review. To receive the maximum points you must concisely address the specifications outlined above. The paper must include an ?Introduction? and a ?Conclusion? (3. pgs.). The pages 4 and 5 are your ?Summary? section. Please reference peer-reviewed and scholarly literature samples, especially to back up information found on the net.

Thank you!