Research the teaching strategies used to help assist refugee students to integrate socially, culturally and academically in the mainstream classroom. Include a comparison of an Australian case study to an American case study. (Choice of primary and secondary level of school does not matter, however it is advisable that both case studies should be at the same level. If you choose to compare two case studies of different schooling levels i.e. compare an Australian primary school to American secondary school then be sure to include a discussion about how strategies differ across the age groups). The report should include the following headings/subheadings: 1.Introduction – a) The Research Purpose, b) Significance of the Research, 2. Limitations of the Research, 3. Ethical Considerations, 4. Analysis of Findings, 5. Discussion – including the comparison of the two schools, 6. Conclusion – a) Summary, b) Implications for professional practice and directions for futher research. The report MUST demonstrate a strong relationship between the theoretical approach and the results of the research. A list of references will also be attached as a separate document, however they are just suggestions. You will find that you will need to use other reference material of your choice.
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