One way to truly understand how people learn something is to try teaching them. Put yourself in the role of teacher. Imagine teaching a simple task – one that you already know – to students with different learning styles. The task can be quite simple, like how to install a computer program or perform a new dance step. Consider the teachingmethods/approaches you might use to engage students with the mixed learning styles of Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences, including:
Linguistic intelligence (word smart)
Logical-mathematical intelligence (number/reasoning smart)
Visual-spatial intelligence (picture smart)
Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence (body smart)
Musical intelligence (music smart)
Interpersonal intelligence (people smart)
Intrapersonal intelligence (self smart)
Naturalist intelligence (nature smart) Playing the role of the teacher, write up your lesson topic assignment in two parts described below. Both sections together should total about two to three double-spaced typed pages.

Part 1: Describe the task you have in mind. Then consider, based on what you’ve discovered about your own learning style, how YOU might best like to learn the particular task. Would you prefer, for example, reading about it, following along with another person, watching a video, or perhaps a combination of all? Maybe you have a completely innovative approach to teaching the task – something new and different. Write about these preferred methods/approaches to teaching and learning the task and relate it to your own area of multiple intelligence.

Part 2: Now, imagine you are to teach this same task to another type of learner (different than yourself). Choose one (or a combination of more) of the eight learning styles from Gardner’s list (above). Describe the methods/approaches you might take to teaching the task to these students and connect them to the particular area of multiple intelligence.