2 page reflection on my student teaching experience at Mckee High School in staten island ny. 7 week placement from april 4- may16 rough school predominantly african american. i was with Mr. Cohen in 9th 10th, and 12th grade social studies classes. behavior and student motivation were the main issues at the school. one honors class was able to complete work assigned and copy notes and learn. in my opinion the other classes were wasting there time being in school. very sad. no respect for teachers or fellow students. talk about how i learned the not so pretty side of being a teacher but in the end it was a good experience. i tried hard to reach the students. at times could relate to them with pop culture and things of that nature but i did not understand a lot of what they valued in life. i saw the bottom. saw very low performing students at Mckee. i also saw the best in my opinion at my previous placement at I.S. 24 in staten island from jan-march. great students teachers and administration.talk about that a little. add in anything you would like.

information on the school: