a) Spend 15 hours with a Sheltered Immersion Instruction (SEI)-endorsed instructor in birth to age 5 (pre-K) setting or ages 5 (K) to 8 (Grade 3) classroom. This setting should be in a Title I school. Let your mentor know that you are working on developing your SIOP lesson planning, implementation, and assessment skills.
i) In the first 5 hours of the practicum experience, observe and interview your mentor for strategies he or she uses to encourage the English language learners to further improve their English language skills. Write a 250-word Observation Reflection for inclusion within your final submission.

ii) Spend 2 hours in one-on-one tutoring with an ELL reader. Use the experience to inform the lesson plan you are developing. Write a 250-word Tutoring Reflection for inclusion within your final submission.

i) Spend 8 hours planning, implementing, assessing, and reflecting on a SIOP lesson:
(1) Create a content-specific lesson plan using the “SIOP Lesson Plan” that includes the following:
(a) Identified academic content & language objectives based on state standards
(b) Resources and materials
(c) Three to five varied best-practice learning experiences
(d) An assessment tool to measure the stated objective(s).
(2) Teach the lesson and administer the assessment.
(3) Review instructional decisions based on the results of those assessments and analyze student learning based on student feedback. Revise the original lesson plan based on your analysis, including new assessments.
3) Practicum Essay – Students should complete the following as part of the Practicum Essay:
a) Write a 900-word essay that is informed by the practicum experience, including all elements of the SIOP lesson, your mentor teacher observation, and the tutoring session. Include a rationale for the learning theories that were used to support the instructional design.