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Section 2

Literature Review

A 17-page literature review on the problem (using APA style 5th edition) with 20 different literature sources.

The review must be a critical analysis of the literature and should demonstrate the significance of the identified teacher leadership problem.

1. The literature review must have an introductory paragraph (an overview).
2. The literature review must be grouped by themes or topics (a critical analysis must be at the end of every theme or topic)
3. Critical Analysis is defined as strengths and weaknesses of the topics or themes.
4. The literature review must have a conclusion (sum up the review)
5. Use tentative language in the conclusion.
6. Justify the study (how is the study related to the literature review)

Section 3

A qualitative research method will be used for this paper.

Explain why the qualitative method was used for the research. Describe the procedure that would be followed in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data.

Questions to be answered:

1. Method (qualitative) Why?
2. Data collecting method (include a sample of the data being collected…..survey’s used…etc.
3. Describe the method used to display or communicate interpreted data.
4. Describe the method used to analyze the data.

Problem Statement: This study will examine teacher leader’s perceptions regarding relationships with

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