It is clear from the failure of the national government in Washington (mostly because of the gridlock in Congress) that the American political system is not working properly, certainly not the way the Framers likely intended. There is plenty of blame for this failure (including voters who created this mess), and what are now a host of wasted opportunities (and much political game playing ?politics? at its worst). There seems to be little interest in governing or addressing many of the important issues facing the United States. A short list would include: stagnant wages; and economy making the rich richer, and ignoring most of the rest; the problem of climate change or global warming; the declining middle class; immigrant reform; entitlement reform (Medicare social security); the undermining of healthcare reformtax reform and making the tax code fairer.
This may be an excellent time to consider whether there are any constitutional changes that could be made? Your task: identify, propose, and discuss at least THREE you would like to see made in the current US constitution and explain why.