Tax Equity

Do you pay taxes on goods and services where you reside? If so, do you believe these taxes affect low-income people more than high-income people? How high is your property tax and how does it affect the quality of your public services?such as schools and fire services?as compared to other locations? These questions all relate to tax equity. The taxes governments require for revenue include property, income, sales (on goods and services), and others. Some of these taxes are perceived as unfair or unjust, depending on such things as what is being taxed and who has the heaviest tax burden. In this Discussion, you will evaluate the fairness and equity of two different types of taxes.

To prepare for this assignment:
? Focus on government tax structures and the different types of taxes.
? Consider the regressive nature of some taxes.
? Consider the fundamental role of taxation in terms of revenue generation for government organizations.
? Think about income tax structures and whether they seem to fit with your understanding of concepts of equity and fairness.
? Reflect on current tax structures.
With these thoughts in mind:

Write an evaluation of at least two types of taxes (e.g., property, income, sales, etc.) in terms of tax equity. In your evaluation, explain whether you think the taxes are fair and equitable. Also, describe how tax equity coexists with a government’s need to collect taxes for revenue.

Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Resources.