Use page references where applicable for the following.

Part One: Differences between market segmentation and target marketing

(a) Define, in your own words, the concept of market segmentation.

(b) Define, in your own words, the concept of target marketing.

(c) Write a summary statement of the differences between the two concepts.

Part Two: Product positioning

(a) Define, in your own words, the concept of product positioning.

(b) Describe an example of a company, a product, and a positioning strategy, NOT found in the textbook, where applied product positioning strategy was implemented successfully.

Part Three: Managing the Product Life Cycle

(a) Locate the three (3) major methods for modifying (extending) the product life cycle. There are seven (7) sub-choices within the three methods.

(b) Provide at least one real world example where a company successfully extended a product’s life cycle by one of the modification methods listed in the textbook.

(c) Define the specific method you selected for your example.

For the company use Mountain Dew.
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