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Each individual case analysis should be formatted as follows:
? A brief statement of the case problem(s).
? A listing of the key facts of the case.
? Identification of the possible alternative(s) and a brief analysis of each alternative
? Recommendation of the best alternative including assumptions their justification. You should support your recommendation with analytical work and key information.
? Reflection on the broader implications of this case.
1? margins all around with 12 pt. Times New Roman font.

Student are in the role of Target Corporation‘s CFO considering the pros and cons of a variety of capital-invesment proposals. THe CFO is preparing his thoughts prior to a meeting of the capital expenditure committee (CEC) with other target senior excutives to consider the merits of 10 capital-project requests (CPR), 5 of with are expected to require extra attention. Each CPR has a dashboard that summarizes the critical inputs used to compute the net present value(NPV) and internal rate of return(IRR) as well as data about the type of investment (new store or remodel), market size, location, customer-demographic information, as well as the sensitivity of NPV and IRR to changes in various inputs. Students must evaluated the CPRs by balancing corporate-growth objectives with the economics of the projects.