description of th current situation facing the organization from a broad overall viewpoint, an analysis of their strategic and recommedations for action.

please use these format:

Analysis (opportunites and threats)
1. Macroeconomic environment(inflation/recession, employment, interest rates, etc)

2. Technological environment(pace of change, impact of change)

3. Social environment ( vales, culture,trend,attitude)

4. Demographic environment(changing composition of the population, birth rates, etc)

5. Political/legal environment(legislation,tax,spending,regulation of business)

6. Global environment

1. identification of key external factors which represent the most important opportunities and threats.

2. identification of key internal factors which represent the most important strengths and weaknesses

3. combining the key external and internal factors(aligment, fit, or match)

1. identify strategic alternatives appropriate for the firm situation
2. Evaluate the advantage and disadvantage of each alternative

1. select the “best” alternative(s)
2. justify your decision