synthesis of the evidence,You also will need to describe your search methodology. We want to be sure you are doing a thorough search and need to see what databases and any other sources you have accessed. Include the number of hits you have obtained. on journal article for search database keywords used will send example of serarch methodo;ogy will matrix with article used Then nedd a

3.a synthesis of the evidence, we are not talking about a listing of studies…we are referring to an overview of the literature. What is out there? Where are the gaps? This section of your paper should probably be around 1 ½ pages in length, depending on how much literature there is related to your issue. Again, do not include a listing of each study and what was found, give a synthesis.

Ex. In relation to pain management of breast cancer patients, 5 of the 20 studies reviewed concluded that nurse practitioners ….(citation 1; citation 2; citation 3; citation 4; citation 5).

However, we don’t want to see something like, “Three studies found X. Two studies found Y. Five studies found Z.”
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