Write a synthesis based on the two articles, “Expat Training,” by Gary Wederspahn, and “You Say Tomato,” by Lalita Khosla.

Your synthesis should be a short essay (1 or 2 pages, double-spaced, as usual, TNR 12 pt) using one(choose only one of three thesis) of the thesis statements listed here:

1) Cross-cultural training is an indispensable investment for an international or multinational company.
2) Successful expatriate preparation requires more than simply learning a new language.
3) Globalization has underscored rather than undermined cultural differences.

• Choose only one of the three thesis statement.

• Read the articles, taking notes on important ideas that are related to your thesis.

• Make an outline of your essay??”be sure to use ideas from both sources.

• Write your synthesis:
– In your introduction, present your topic, identify your two sources by title and author, and end with your thesis statement.
– Use a topic sentence for each paragraph and stick to that topic! (Only one main idea per paragraph)
– Keep quotes to a very small minimum??”no more than three quotes, no more than six (6) words each.
– Include explanations or comments where necessary in order to create a “smooth” reading experience.
– In your conclusion, restate your thesis statement, summarize your main ideas, and make a final comment. (NO “you” or “I”!)

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