1000 words (6 paragraphs).

Focus on one primary (literary) source from Modules 6-10.

Use two (2) secondary sources from Modules 6-10 or outside sources.

Use an introduction, thesis, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Use MLA Documentation.


Choose any literary work from Modules 6-10 as your primary source to write this literary analysis.

Focus on symbolism in the work you are analyzing.

Symbolism is the use of arbitrary symbols as representations of objects or ideas.

symbol is (in general terms) anything that stands for something else.

In literature, a symbol is expected to have significance.

Consider the following suggestions in organizing this literary analysis:

* Create a short, original title reflective of your thesis.
* Introduce the plot but avoid plot summary.

* Focus on symbolism in the work.

* Present a strong thesis.
* Use topic sentences in your body paragraphs.

* Use quotations in the body paragraphs to support your thesis.

* Introduce quotations (perhaps via ‘tags’).

* Use quotation marks around exact words from borrowed sources.

* Follow quotations with commentary in your own words.

* Conclude paragraphs in your own words.
* Finish your paper by summarizing the key points; re-state the thesis.
* Control secondary sources; they should not overwhelm your paper.

* Document sources via parenthetical and bibliographic citations.

* Follow MLA conventions for both (use the author’s last name in citations).

* Use parenthetical citations if you quote, paraphrase, or even summarize from a source.
* Cite complete source information in the Works Cited Page.

* Revise before sending to check grammar, phrasing, and sentence structure.

* Revise before sending to check spelling and punctuation.

* Strive for clarity and conciseness; avoid redundancy