find any technical description and state the strength and weaknesses of the document as a technical description(ex. clear title, etc.). Here are some guidelines:

EXAMPLE MEMOS. These memos are documents that analyze an example you have found of the specific type of writing you are required to write. You need to find that piece of writing (e.g. a proposal, a description, or a set of instructions) in a published source, either in a journal, a magazine, a website, a brochure, etc., and attach a printed copy of that document as an enclosure to this memo. Identify the document’s audience and the level of technicality. Tell me what makes this document effective or ineffective for this document’s audience and how you can incorporate those effective elements in your own writing. Don’t just say that the document is organized or accessible or confusing—use specific wording or conventions as evidence. Tell me what makes this document clear, researched, scientific, persuasive, informative, accessible, efficient, usable, and all of those other adjectives we discussed the first day that make good technical writing. Be sure to look at the design elements in addition to the writing style. I am your audience, so feel free to address me directly. As always, this memo should be one single-spaced page. You choose the headings; don’t forget the institution header or your initials at the top.