Please choose ONLY ONE topic from the two topics below and write a 6 page research paper:

1)SIKH STUDIES DEBATE-Explore the polarized academic debate surrounding the “Dasam Granth”. What issues do the traditional Sikh historians and the critical Sikh historians put forth about the “Dasam Granth”? In the light of the polemical debate, provide your own analysis of the religious significance of the “Rama” narrative of the “Dasam Granth” in the Sikh tradition.
2)CONCEPT OF GURU-How is the Sikh world-view and concept of Guru reflected in the “Dasam Granth”? Compare and contrast the Sikh and Hindu understanding of ultimate reality. How is Guru understood in the “Rama” narrative of the “Dasam Granth”? How does the Sikh understanding of Guru and the His creation differ from the Hindu concept of God and “avatara”?

-MUST include ideas and citations from the COURSE BOOK articles I will be FAXING. Not all of the articles need to be used but you MUST integrate the reading material from the course into the paper: Articles are the following…

1)”The Forgotten Tradition: Sikhism in the Study of World Religions” by Mark Jurgensmeyer, in “Sikh Studies: Comparative Perspectives on a Changing Tradition” (Berkeley: Berkeley Religious Studies Series, 1979), pp. 13-24.

2)”The End of Syncretism: Anti Syncretism in Sikh Tradition” by Gurudharm S. Khalsa, in “Sikh Identity: Continuity and Change”, edited by Pashura Singh and N.G. Barrier (Delhi: Manohar, 1999), pp. 93-107.

3)”Durga Recalled by the Tenth Guru” by Nikky-Guninder Kaur Singh, in “The Sikh Tradition: A Continuing Reality”, edited by S. Bhatia and A. Spencer (Patiala: Punjab University, 1999), pp. 208-255.

4)”The Five Symbols of Sikhism” by J.P. Singh Uberoi, in “Sikhism”, edited by L.M. Joshi (Patiala: Punjab University, 2000), pp. 135-151.

5)”Nation or World Religion? Making Narratives of Sikh Identity” by Verne Dusenbury, in “Sikh Identity”, edited by Pashaura Singh and N.G. Barrier (Delhi: Manohar, 1999), pp. 127-144.

-MUST include secondary sources (articles) for background material, when needed to support your point.

-MUST include a TEXTUAL ANALYSIS of the “Rama” narrative of the “Dasam Granth” with in your paper. The “Rama” narrative within the “Dasam Granth” can be found on two internet sites with a full English translation. Either translation may be used.
1) “”. “Rama” narrative starts on page 507 and ends on page 644.
2) “”. “Rama” narrative starts on page 506 line 8 and ends on page 643 line 2.

-The course articles, and some notes to assist with the paper will be faxed to the West Coast fax #.

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