Write a 3 page paper answering the following questions
a. what effect does schizophrenia have on the other family members
b. what are some of the recommended methods for families to cope with loved ones with schizophrenia
c. In what ways would your life change if a family member that lives with you had schizophrenia? for example how would living with someone that has schizphrenia change your: Social life?,work or school schedule?, financial situation? legally? Family obligations? insurance situation?

Please do not just write about the symptoms of schizophrenia. Need to know HOW the symptoms of schizophrenia effect the family members around the person. so if you mention symptoms, you should tie them into how they impact others, NOT how they impact the person with schizophrenia.

3 pages single spaced
1 inch margins
12 point font in New Times Roman
Microsoft word format