After reading “America Past and Present Volume I to 1877” Sixth Edition, authors, Robert A. Divine, T. H. Breen, George M. Fredrickson and R. Hall Williams. I (the student)must view a film about a particular historical event or figure(Dances with Wolves), and write a paper comparing the portrayal in the film to my research on the chosen topic. For example, a student might choose to research whether or not the costumes in the film were true to the period. This paper will be approximetely 12 pages, double-spaced, and will contain footnotes and references. I would like to compare maybe how the Sioux indians lived during that period, i.e food, clothing, shelter. I’m not sure what to write on, maybe you can help out here. It very important that you understand that this paper is to make a comparison between the movie “Dances with Wolves” and the text book mentioned above. If you need me to fax some journals I will just let me know. Thanks, Phillis