The first two pages of this project will be a proposal for the final 20 pages. They must follow the following format.

Title of Research Project — Telemedicine: Will telemedicine improve the quality of healthcare and it?s delivery for remotely located advanced healthcare para-professionals?

Purpose ? Describe the educational purpose of this proposal (what is it about?) in one or two sentences

Methodology ? State what methodology you will use. List the tasks, experiences, and/or exercises you will
perform to develop this project. For example, web site libraries, interviews, library research, site visits etc.

Resources ? The proposal must include a beginning bibliography of sources you are considering for your
project. List in your bibliography selected readings, journal articles, web sites, educational videos, professional personnel and any other you plan to use

Statement of Problem/Question to be Researched – State why this question needs to be investigated. Use resources to support your position.

Survey of the Literature – State briefly how you plan to conduct your search of the literature for your final project.

Research Design and Collection of Data – What research design or models will you use and how do you propose to gather the information to support your thesis?

Treatment of Data or Information Discovered – You need to make a statement about how you plan to handle the data or information you collect.

Conclusions – For your proposal state how you plan to describe the conclusions. Will you make recommendations for further study? This section should be very brief.

The final project must be 20 pages and meet the following format.

Style: American Psychological Association

Bibliography: minimum of 15 sources

Format: 5-chapter format described below
Graphs and tables are allowed

Chapter 1: Statement of the Problem

Describe the problem or theme. Answer why this particular theme needs investigation. Use some background resources that establish a need for this study. This chapter will include the hypothesis and questions that need to be answered.

Chapter II: Survey the Literature

What other approaches have been made to problems similar to this one. Answer if any of these bear issue affecting this investigation. What theories and concepts have been used to explain the areas of this investigation. Have there been answers to questions similar to this one. Organize this review into sub points supporting the thesis and strongest objections to the thesis. This chapter should be the longest.

Chapter III: Research Design and Collection of Information and/or Data

What tasks, projects, experiences, and/or exercises where used to collect data? Describe validity and reliability of survey instruments if used, and what interviewing techniques where used if any.

Chapter IV: Analysis of Data or Information or Research Results

Describe what was found about the hypothesis and questions raised in chapter I. Describe all information found along with comments on how it contributes to the overall analysis and conclusions.

Chapter V: Conclusion

Describe the conclusion. Restate the major thesis, and questions and indicate how the information discovered in the study have proved or disproved the hypothesis. Make recommendations for further research.