This is not a pre-specified prompt: I made it up. Feel free to take any approach to it, so as long as it remains in the general category of what I am mentioning.

Research Topic: I am taking a class on Bhakti, which is religious devotion. I wish for this paper to be an investigation into pilgrimages and how they can be used to provide a sense of fulfillment to those who partake in them. This does not need to be a literal pilgrimage: the paper should also look into internal pilgrimages, such as meditation. I’d like to then take this concept and connect it to the Bhagavad-Gita, regarding renunciation of the fruits of one’s actions.

There is no requirement on the amount of quotes, however there needs to be at least 1 primary document, as well as at least several outside sources. There is a book for this topic, called Journey through the Twelve Forests by David Haberman, which needs to be used. Obviously, as mentioned above, I’d like to also include the Bhagavad-Gita.

Please use Times New Roman font.
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