I’m doing a research paper

My topic is Regulating Tattoo & Body piercing shops.
My position: I am for laws regulating tattoo & body piercing shops, in ALL states.
My two reasons are:
1.To stop the spread of disease
2. To ensure that the person giving tattoos and piercings are propoerly trained and licensed.
My opposing opinion is: People feel they can do whatever they want to there bodies. ( maybe you can help me on this one)

I need at least 5 sources for my works citied page,
on two of these sources can you give me:
a paragraph or so, giving the following 4 pieces of information:

a summary of the information in the article or book chapter.

how you plan to integrate this information into your document.

the significance you think this information has for your research.

an explanation of why you feel this source is reliable.

a minimum of FIVE sentences per paragraph,_________________________________________________

needs to be at least 500 words
use 2-3 quotes or paraphrases from each source within the text of the essay. Please use no more than this many from each source
must INEGRATE the sources into the text
Use In-Text Citations
Include the thesis statement in the first paragraph of the essay. This thesis statement must illustrate for the reader what my opinion is on this controversial topic
include the reasons for the point of view. If you can include quotes or paraphrases to illustrate that i’m not the ONLY one who feels this way
include a counterargument that presents and addresses AT LEAST ONE point of view that differs from mine
avoid Logical Fallacies
Write a tentative conclusion which restates the thesis in different terms

can you do most of the research from these sources:
BiographyReference Bank
Business & Company Resource Center
CIAO Columbia International Affairs Online
ExpandedAcademic ASAP
General Reference Center Gold
Health & Wellness Resource Center
History Resource Center: Modern World
History Resource Center: US
InfoTrac OneFile
LexisNexis Academic with Virginian Pilot
Literature Resource Center
OmniFile Full Text Select
Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center
SIRS Knowledge Source