Read these articles.

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There’s a lot going on at J.C. Penney these days. With a new CEO, Penney’s, confronted with pressing competition up, down, and sideways in the department store wars, is reinventing itself in terms of merchandising, supply, and pricing strategies. Here we’ll concentrate only on the pricing aspects of these new directions. However, this is ultimately about positioning, trying to find a space that is responsive to potential customers as well as differentiating the Penney’s brand from Target, Kohl’s, Wal-Mart, and Macy’s.

These articles shed additional light on the implications of Penney’s new direction.

Beltrone, Gabriel (2012). Ad of the day: J.C. Penney – Peterson Milla Hooks brings its poppy visual style to the retailer’s big new rebranding effort. Adweek (February 3). Accessed 5/5/12 at

Conte, Christian (2012). Stein Mart reducing coupon use, lowering prices, Jacksonville Business Journal (March 8). Accessed 5/5/12 at
Stein Mart plans to reduce its dependence on coupons and return to the everyday low-pricing strategy it became known for, with plans to cut prices between 5% and 10% on much of its merchandise. ?We don?t want our customers to think they have to use a coupon to get a better price at Stein Mart,” said interim president and CEO Jay Stein.
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Halkias, Maria (2011). J.C. Penney buys stake in Martha Stewart?s company. The Dallas Morning News ( December 7). Accessed 5/5/12 at
Should Martha Stewart target markets or mass merchandise?

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Timberlake, Cotton, & Townsend, Matt (2012). Macy’s says Martha’s dance card is too full. Business Week (February 28). Available 5/5/12 through EBSCO database.

Assignment: Develop a report with a brief introduction, using the items below as subheadings, closing with a brief concluding comment. Answer these questions:
1) Briefly describe Penney’s proposed new pricing strategy, also providing bit of background on the company and department store industry.

2) Do you think JC Penney’s new pricing strategy will work? Support your position in terms of the environmental factors such as economy, the competition, and the changing consumer behavior.

3) How does this pricing strategy complement Penney’s proposed new merchandising and promotion strategies?(You need to take into account JC Penney’s segmentation, positioning and branding strategies to explain this issue.)

**It is expected that you will use the above directives and/or questions as titles placing your responses to those directives and/or questions below each.