Attractiveness of Domestic Brands in Vietnam
using Marketing to strengthen demand for local products

Vietnam is coping with a mild yet persistent trade deficit. One of the ways to deal with it is to strengthen demand for domestic products. However, the availability of foreign consumption products continues to increase. Their high perceived quality and excellent marketing campaigns make them successful, thereby deepening the trade deficit.
Vietnamese companies are responding by copying their Western competitors in marketing and quality. They are gradually gaining market share in various sectors (dairy, fashion, etc.). Branding plays an important role in this process.

Research question:
1/.What is the role of marketing in the brand-building process if Vietnamese companies?
2/.Can Marketing strengthen domestic demand in Vietnam?

In order to answer the research question, the broader picture will be analyzed. It encompasses elements such as:
Economic system of Vietnam and its response to globalization;
Macro-economic situation of Vietnam;
Marketing landscape;
Quantitative and Qualitative Research (on brand perception of domestic and foreign brands);

Based on the subject and framework above, please answer the questions below.

Part A:
Evaluate the advantages and challenges of conducting quantitative and qualitative research. What role does the research problem being examined in the dissertation play in choosing an appropriate methodology?
Explain the differences between types of research questions or studies and designs that align with each study. Use scholarly, academic literature to support your response.
Part B:
State your research question and assess a research methodology that you plan to use for your dissertation (e.g., qualitative, quantitative, or mixed-methods). Justify why this methodology is appropriate for your dissertation topic. Explain the importance of having an appropriate methodology along with a well thought-out research design during the planning, data collection, and interpretation phases of the research process. Use scholarly, academic literature to support your response.

Core Question – Teams

Given the critical role that teams play in today?s work environment, identify two qualities of team leaders that contribute to successful leadership and support your choices with peer-reviewed literature. For each leadership quality that you selected, identify and explain one strategy that organization leaders could implement to develop that quality in their team leaders in order to achieve maximum performance. What are the advantages of the chosen qualities? What are the disadvantages? Use scholarly academic literature to support your responses.