This is a very important research paper that has to have accurate information on the topic of how national television news affects presidential campaigns. The directions are to develop a thesis statement and clearly state it, and then use the information gathered from magazine articles, academic journals, and books to test the hypothesis proposed. The paper must be 16 pages in length, with APA citation style, It must include many citation and references clearly being integrated into the paper from the references or sources used, with an analysis of the information as well as an opinions on the information stated. It must be very well supported and factually correct.
The topic in general and thesis statement can be narrowed down into a smaller topic but it must examine some aspect of politcal news coverage, and the focus and citations and support of the paper must mainly be centered around how television news media today affects presidential campaigns.It could include comparisons from past elections, analysis of tv news media today, impact that television has on presidents in general, if tvinfluences voters or not, do presidents or the tv news hold more power in campaigns…etc. Those are just ideas…..thank you so much.