Your poetry essay should be double spaced and be at least 750 words. You are to choose only ONE of the following topics. In writing on your topic, you must use specific and correctly cited support from the poem/s you are addressing. No matter which topic you choose, you may write on only ONE or TWO poems. Failure to follow these very basic instructions will lead directly to a failed essay.

Write a detailed explication of the poem of your choice from the reading list. Be sure to discuss the relationship between the content and the form: both what is said and how it is said. Also, analyze as many of the elements of poetry we have studied that are appropriate for your poem–tone, word choice, irony, image patterns, figures of speech, etc.

I expect your final essay to be a finished project. You should have spent time not just writing, but also editing your sentences and revising your drafts. Lastly, you should do a careful proofreading, expecially looking for the type of errors I marked in the first essay and eliminating them. Do not keep making the same mistakes. Make new mistakes! It is your job to proofread for and correct grammatical and technical errors via your Handbook or the Writing Lab. In ENC 1102 you are supposed to know what sentence fragements, comma splices, pronoun agreement, etc. are and be able to use them correctly. The baseline is that at this point in your college career, you should be able, at minimum, to write correctly and clearly. Then, you can be evaluated on the basis of your ideas and your style.

I will be faxing further information to you in the morning; to include the poem that the essay is to be written from. as well as some more expectations of the finished paper. Thank you.

Here is my Thesis paragraph that the esay NEEDS to be formatted from;

The Melting Pot
As a young foreigner to America, the speaker of Julia Alvarez’s poem, “Queens, 1963”, observes the freedom that America was to provide. The foreigners of the city are not truly “free”, but are confined into a corner of the world that was a melting pot of society. A certain sense of freedom is felt yet the people of Queens are not truly accepted by mainstream Americans. Acceptance into this country, as well as their neighborhood was a slow feat that they managed to conquer. Instead of accepting their new neighbors, the people of Queens decide to turn the tables and discriminate as they had once been discriminated against.

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