Every nationality and all cultural groups enjoy traditional holidays,celebrations,events,and observances.Most of these involve particular foods,or,in some cases,the avoidance of some foods.Often certain foods are used during traditional cultureal events,such as turkey,eaten during American Thanksgiving.Its hard to reflect on our experiences of traditional holidays, celebrations and observances,without also recalling the important role that foods play in them.Many of the foods used in these traditional cultural events originated in a particular locality,and then became popular throughout the country or region.In many families traditions of their own have developed.But in all cases the role of foods has become personal in our lives or in our families.
Consider role of food in your or your families cuture and in an essay of 600 to 800 words show how you or you family uses food as you participate in your culture.You my discuss you or your family”s personal use of food and the importance of sepcial dishes in your lives,the importance of various foods in your local culture,or any other aspect of personal culture
and food use which respond to the assignment.Your essay should reflect your personal or family use of foods,not the culture as a whole. a sucessful essay will 1.focus on a single theme or makea single point.
2.use specifics,not generalities.
3.Show us what you choose to write about , using concrete language,details,and anecdotes.
4.Bring us into the experiences you are sharing with us.
(notes) culture :indian -hindu
mother and father -vegitarian
children-meat eaters
focus on one particular experence one day one experience