Pleaselocate a variety of scholarly journals on the web and write a essay in which you explain the ways in which some particular technologies (such as cad/cam, laser, digital radiography…etc) have affected and continue to affect the field of dentistry (for example: dental industry, dental profession, patient or dental technician). Compare and contrast the new technologies (at least 3 you have chosen to talk about) with the old traditional ones. Discuss the positive and negative features this new technology offer than argue why this is a positive or negative development. Before writing the essay and after analyzing your sources, organize your idea into an argument (a thesis statement) that argues about the similarities between different technologies, as well as points out key subtitle differences (this will be a RESEMBLANCE argument) or use
EVALUATION-which argues that one technology is better or more effective than the other or use
CASUAL argument -argues whether some technology cases something else or is the result of something else (or use a combination of these.)
Example of thesis statement:
This essay argues that “X” technology has not only dramatically altered the way dentistryis done, but also the way(dentist /patient/dental technician).….causing us to think about this technology as more ……., and that this new development ultimately allows for more complex and interesting …….
This is just a sample you can come with a better one.