Write an essay about the theme of Jealousy in the play of Othello by
Shakespeare. Discuss how jealousy affects each other character in the play.

Suggestion of an example in essay:
1. Discuss how jealousy affects each other character in the play such as
Desdemona, Cassio, Roderigo, Emilia, Othello, and Iago.
2. The emotion jealousy brings about the down- fall of many characters in
Othello but none suffer so much as Othello because of his view of himself
as an outsider.
3. Discuss an argument about jealousy in each character in the play. Agree
or not agree with it. Why?

Few sentence of the point of view:
What effect did this jealousy have on you?
What surprised you about this play?
What questions do you still want answered? (Curiosity, Is Iago have a
tendency of homosexual to Othello)

Specific requirements:
a. Must incorporate a minimum of 3 critical sources in addition to the play
itself, and Othello Navigator.
b. Must use correct MLA style documentation, including a correct Works
Cited page.
c. For citation reference, use the act, scene, and line numbers