1.Using readings, aritcles, and or your personal experices, prepare a paper in which you explain the following key concepts and terminology:
A. organizational behavior
b. organizational culture
c. diversity
d. communication
e. organizational effectiveness and effecency
f. organizational learning
2. provide examples of how these concepts and terms relate to your workplace.
i work for a medical Center who offers medical servicers for the public MRI, CT, PET, x-ray, ect.. I am part of the sales team. WE use ACT to keep organized. Our Center just purchased stated of the art 4 Million dollar new 3 tesla GE MRI along with a new computer system talk about organiazion.
We also have spanish speaking,german, indian,vietnamese, russian employees.how is that for diversity in the workplace.
The owner is also from India, and holds monthly meetings for his employees in oreder to empower them to do better.
I love working for this company/ I myself keep organized with my palm pilot and my labtop.