watch video on the oral deaf educationwebsite……the title of the video is DREAMS SPOKEN HERE

you are also to locate one other resource about deaf education. This could concern deafculture, technologies (such as the hearing aid and cochlear implant systems shown in the video) or strategies such as sign.

when you have completed your viewing and explored an additional resource on deafness, write a reflection paper that addresses the following:

What has been the understanding of education for individuals who are deaf? Did the video or resource you selected add to or change that understanding and in what ways?

What were some of the teaching strategies and supports that you saw in the video?

How would you feel about teaching in a setting that included deaf children? What resources would you want to support you as a teacher?

What other resource on deaf education did you locate? Give a brief overview of its content and how the information has contributed to you understanding of deafness.

Note: remember anything quoted from either source needs to be identified in document and used as resource for work cited to avoid plagarism.