This is for a Scholarship Application

Essay should reflect knowledge of current clinical priorities in healthcare for Veterans and it will use academic program to impact quality of nursing care provided to Veterans.

Academic program is DNP in Executive Nursing Leadership. My medical center recently designated as a 1A facility, which means all services must be provided for evening and weekend hours. We are in process of ensuring mental health services are available during these hours . I will work the evening hours of 12:30 to 11:00 p.m. This tour will include working every other weekend. Change management skills and strategic planning are essential components that will be required to ensure a smooth transition. Marketing and effective collaboration will also be required. I am currently employed as Program Coordinator for Mental Health Intensive Case Management (MHICM) Programs, which is an Executive Career Field (ECF) position. ECF employees responsible to ensure the T21 initiatives are successfully implemented.

1. Describe the current specific priorities for clinical care for veterans and nursing’s role in your facility in providing healthcare to meet those clinical needs. Examples of clinical priorities include but are not limited to mental health, traumatic brain injury, homelessness, PTSD, virtual care, diabetes care, rehabilitation, long term care, women’s health, and rural health.

Providing mental health services in the home, in the community, and rural areas. Close liaison with homeless program staff, primary care clinics to assist with meeting goals for T21 Initiatives, which includes missed opportunities, clinical video telehealth (CVT), and no shows.
350 word limit

2. Describe your role in the following key issues for Veterans:

A. Access to care

Liaison for Veterans who present to ER for mental health related issues for evening hours until 11:00 p.m.

B. Veteran centered care

Assist with providing alternatives to inpatient care for mental health related issues
CVT available for evening and weekend hours
Patient preference for providers and appointments

C. Performance Measures
Ensure screenings are completed at encounters to ensure that ECF Measures are met. Includes Suicide Risk, Depression, PTSD, Tobacco Use, Alcohol Use, and HUD-VASH Vouchers if homeless

D. Transition Care (DOD to VA).
Schedule for appropriate providers, clinics, and follow-up

350 word limit

3. Identify and describe at least one measurable outcome related to providing healthcare for

Veterans that will result from your completion of your academic program.
Outcome: Decrease in ER visits for mental health issues.
Outcome: Decrease hospital admissions for mental health related issues.

350 word limit

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