This case is about a Northville daycare ( the case is attached see page 1 and 2 only – the questions on page 3 and 4 are not induced) and the assignment is to make spreadsheet (excel) showing the baseline budget (It’s attached you don’t need to make it), and you need to to balance the budget and make a balanced budget with overview to the proposed balancing budget including the assumption and justification that led to balancing the budget, the paper should have :

(1) The baseline (the actual budget with deficit) ( 1 spreadsheet) (included and it shows the deficit)

(2) The proposed balancing budget (1 spreadsheet you can do it on the same spreadsheet I provide and you need to balance the budget with surplus or without it doesn’t matter how the surplus is just no deficit ).

(3) The overview budget document.(2 pages word) :should include overview about the budget and how did you balance it , , and what assumption you made to balance it.
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