A paper that focuses on a real-life, ongoing or recently concluded negotiation. Researched using primary (in-person) or secondary (library) data.

The following points must be addressed in the paper:

1) Identification of the parties (who is involved in the negotiation?)
2) Identification of the central and secondary issues (what is the negotiation about?)
3) Identification of the interests of each party. (why do they care?)
4) Identification of the opening positions of the parties. (how did they present themselves)
5) Identification of the final position of the parties, and a description of how they evolved. This section represents the heart of your paper.
6) Identification of key players (who were they, and what were their formal and informal roles?)
7) Identification of tactics used and methods employed by the parties.
8) Identification of others who affected the outcome (e.g.: third party neutrals, interest groups, etc.)
9) Resolution of the negotiation (final outcome)
10) Recommendations
The one that I was thinking about is a negotiation between “Police Labor conflict in Boston” or conflict with delta airlines.