Systems Analysts/Designers have many responsibilities and roles in organizations. Some examples:

• They should understand technical issues
• They should understand business and organizational issues
• They should keep up with technological advancements
• They should have the ability to research issues and present findings to various levels of decision makers within the organization
• They should have managerial skills and be able to supervise contractors and consultants

You have been assigned the task of researching a topic of high importance to the organization. Your research and recommendation will be the basis for a very important and expensive decision.


Mobile Computing has grown tremendously in recent years. People can use various small devices to browse the web, buy and sell products, conduct banking and investment activities, etc. The company is considering providing increased access to customers who use mobile devices. Make an argumentative essay that will take the pro side on why the companies or organizations should start to use in mobile computing.

You are an employee of the company in the selected scenario above.

Present an in-depth report. Organize the material as follows:

• As you engage in research, provide some definitions or descriptions of key terms.
• Compare alternative courses of action. This challenge can be addressed in various ways. Compare 3 or 4 possible courses of action. One of the alternatives must be “doing nothing” (which also includes tradeoffs).
• Recommend an action or a particular choice. (PRO side) While your views are often useful and important in a report, it should be emphasized that a final recommendation is more than just a personal “opinion” – it must have some backing.


Effective organization of the material and proper editing for grammar and spelling are part of any professional presentation. The writing should be in with research material used to support and strengthen the discussion. Paper will include:
• Table of contents
• Footnotes (or endnotes)
• Proper set of references (separate from footnotes/endnotes)
• Reasonable headings, subheadings, emphasis of key terms, etc
• It needs to be an argumentative piece that takes a definite stance (pro)
• Follow new MLA style
• Use thesis statement
• Use elements of ethos, logos and/or pathos
• Use signal phrases.

Given the importance of the report for a business decision it should
• Be insightful
• Provide very convincing support for the recommendation
• Be Logically and effectively organized, including proper editing
• Strongly consider the makeup and needs of the target audience (Business/companies)

Length ??” 8 double-spaced pages (excluding cover, table of contents, and reference pages)

Sources- 8 With a Max of four web sources