Request that ?Writer? write this paper

Briefly describe each sign/miracle and explain how this sign/miracle reveals the deity of Christ.

A description of the events surrounding the sign itself. For example, when describing the event surrounding the changing of water to wine in John Chapter 2, it would be necessary to describe the events of the wedding at Cana, how the supply of wine was depleted, how Jesus instructed the servants to fill the water pots, and so on.

A brief explanation of how this sign/miracle reveals the deity of Christ. For example, a certain sign might reveal Jesus? power over the forces of nature.

A description of the events and an explanation of how the sign reveals Christ?s deity must be included.

The 8 Miracles will all come from John but must use other verses in the Gospel to complete the whole story in the brief description.

1. The turning of water to wine (John 2:1-12)
2. Healing of the nobleman?s son (4:46-54)
3. The healing of the lame man (5:1-15)
4. The feeding of the 5,000 (6:1-14)
5. Jesus walks on the water (v.15-21)
6. The healing of the blind man (9:1-12)
7. The raising of Lazarus from the dead (11::38-44)
8. The miraculous catch of fish (21:1-14)

Use three additional sources other than the bible.
Elmer Towns book ?the Gospel of John Believe and Live? must be a source.

Double-spaced, typed, 4 pages in length (3/4 of the 4th page must be filled). Bibliography. DO NOT USE DIRECT Quotes from the Bible or from the textbook in your paper. Put everything in your own words.