In this paper, I would like you to examine how the theme of love is exposed in metaphysical poetry, in relation to to geometry, alchmy, natural and religious sciences of that time , basing on John Donne’s poems : “A Valediction Forbidding Mourning”, and “The Flea“, and Andrew Marvell’s ” The Definition of Love”. It is necessary to consider what this poetry has brought to the English Renaissane verse. The thesis and argument of the paper should be debatable. the logic and consistency should be clear. Some Key concepts : rationalization of experience in each poem, discursive definition of love, syllogist reasoning, geometric conceits. The argument should have a theoretical framework, that is, some theories on which you build your arguments, and also, other theorists(scientists,philosophers,methodists..) of the time by whom these poets were influenced in producing such conceits.
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