2) Lesson Planning: Strategies and Resources

In this paper, you will continue to develop the lesson plan you began in the first Application Assignment, this time focusing on the teaching strategies and resources you will use. (Note: For guidance, refer again to the framework for developing teaching plans in the chapter “Behavioral Objectives” found in “Doc Sharing as a PDF” [Bastable, 2007].)

This assignment challenges you to think creatively about how to best meet your identified learning objectives; this includes the need to engage students and support a positive learning environment. To that end, draw on the knowledge you gained from this and the previous course about principles of student-centered education, adult learning, diverse learning styles, and potential obstacles to learning that some students may face. Consider also the entire toolbox of strategies that you have learned about in this course.

To further help you develop and support your ideas, conduct a literature search on any aspect of your topic, setting, audience, materials, or teaching methods. You must incorporate at least five sources of evidence, from the Learning Resources or literature searches, in this Application.

In an 4- to 6-page paper, describe the strategies and resources for your lesson plan, addressing the following:

Summarize briefly the context and lesson topic, and restate the two learning objectives you created in the first Application, revising them, if desired, in light of any feedback you have received.
Describe three different types of learners you might reasonably meet with when delivering this proposed lesson??”students with different learning styles, various experience levels, and diverse cultural backgrounds, for example.
Identify the most appropriate teaching strategies and learner activities to help the students meet these learning objectives. How you would attempt to engage these diverse learners and create a positive learning environment? Provide a rationale for your choice of strategy and activities.
Create an “anticipatory set,” as described in your Week 2 reading, Chapter 14 from the Billings and Halstead text, that you could present in order to help prepare and interest learners in this created lesson.
Propose how you would provide effective closure to your lesson.
Describe any instructional resources you would wish to incorporate in this lesson??”computers, simulations, handouts, and so on.
Identify three ways in which your lesson plan demonstrates principles of student-centeredness and adult learning.
Cite at least five resources in your paper including evidence-based strategies in support of your plan.

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