An analysis of the Relationships Edna Pontellier Has with
Men in Kate Chopin’s The Awakening
Having an understanding of the tragedy, loss, and death Kate Chopin experienced in her life gives great insight and background for her works. The Awakening, for example, portrays many of Chopin’s life experiences through the main character Edna Pontellier.

I need a 15 page paper on this topic. The men to specifically be discussed are Edna Pontellier’s husband and her lover Aerobin. The first sentence of the topic paragraph mentions experiences in her Kate Chopin’s past, use three outside sources and relevant quotations to elaborate on specific events in Chopin’s past that correlate to events, feelings, and themes of Edna’s relationships in The Awakening. With two outside sources and quotations, one of each for Edna’s husband and one for Aerobin, include how Edna’s atmosphere affects her and how she relates to her men. When she is on the mainland she is reserved with her husband, on the island she is a free spirit whose husband allows her to frolic around with Aerobin. After thoroughly discussing these things, add to the paper how Edna’s relationships with her husband and her boyfriend affect the awkward relationship she has with her two young sons, use one outside source for this. Another great thought and possible conclusion for the paper is the difference in Edna’s relationship with men, role as mother and wife, and feeling about the two and how she differs from other female characters in the book such as her best friend and the artistic single lady that wears black all the time, I can not remember her name. Below is the title and what I have begun to write for the introduction.

Thank You

Kylah Ashe