An IT Security Plan & Implementation for a Small Corporation.

Part 1. IT Security Proposal Summary [3 pages (900 words)]
Summarize a project proposal. Describe an existing small business network. 30 computers with 3 servers (web, e-mail, and database application server). Describe its lack of current security on each layer of the OSI model. Describe the need to implement IT security measures and list details. Firewalls, anti- virus, a DMZ are possible requirements.

Part 2. Review of Other Security Implementations (40 words)
Review of other people’s work. Site examples of real life similar projects that have been completed.

Part 3. Rationale and Systems Analysis for IT Security Upgrade [2 pages (600 words)]
Provide a rationale and system analysis of proposed project. Describe of purpose of the project. Describe the details of the project. Describe the importance of IT security. Site real life examples of IT attacks and data lose.

Part 4. Goals and Objectives for Upgrade IT Security [5 pages (1500 words)]
Provide a list of goals and objectives. Describe the list of goals for the project in detail. Describe the objectives to reach each of these goals. Each goal should have objectives. Describe the implementation of every security upgrade in phases.

Part 5. Project Deliverables (Equipment or Services to be Given to Customer) [5 pages (1500 words)]
Provide description of project deliverable. Describe in detail equipment that will be purchased and delivered to the customer business. Describe the problem that each new piece of equipment of software will solve. User training on security can be a deliverable.

Part 6. Project Plan and Timelines [1 Page]
Provide a timeline to implement each phrase of IT security upgrades to customer’s business network.