Interpretation/analysis/evaluation of a short story (The Birthmark by Hawthorne). The essay should have an introdution including the Author’s name, short story title, 2-3 sentence summary of the story, and the thesis sentence(main topic). The essay must be about what the author is trying to say/imply within the short story. Any topic can be use, such as perfection or acceptance…etc. The essay should be the author’s opinion, not a biography and don’t make the essay consist on a summary of the short story. My teacher read the story and don’t want a book report summarize the story again. Talk about what the author thinks, points to prove this topic. 4 sources must be used. One source that must be use is the Bedford Introduction to Literature sixth edition. It must be at least 1250 words long but not too much more than 1250 words and this isn’t including the work cited sources. Direct quotes must be used in the essay, but NOT more than 15% of the essay should consist of direct quotes. Multiple paragraphs with multiple ideas/opinions must be use to make it interesting. He does NOT just want an introdution paragraph, one topic paragraph and a conclusion paragraph. Thanks