Information Systems Evolution Paper

Explore the history and evolution of telemedicine. Include its date of inception, major milestones, and uses in health care.

Also, incorporate information related to potential areas for health care fraud and abuse. Questions to consider are:

a) Who maintains patient records?

b) What are some ways that patient information can be used for fraud and abuse?

a. Patient information submitted for false reimbursement?

b. Selling patient information to external entities?

c) What are some policies on the release of information, retention, and destruction of records?

d) How is information technology affecting patient care?

Integrate at least four sources into your paper, using citations and references in APA format. Intext citations must have author’s last name, year published, and either paragraph number or page number.

One source must be:

Wager, K. A., Lee, F. W., & Glaser, J. P. (2005). Managing health care information systems: A practical approach for health care executives. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.