My paper a synthesis research paper and I have to discover the divergent viewpoints that different authors have had on this topic, and write a synthesis research paper that exposes the reader to the divergent views. My sources have to be at least 80% must be from scholarly, peer-reviewed publications.
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My topic is: How has social networking contributed to suicide rate increase in teens?

Below is my thesis statement below that should be included in the paper.

Social networking for teenagers has helped develop certain instances of increased self-esteem but on the other hand research indicates that there can be an impact on depression and low self-esteem leading to an increase in teen suicides.

I: Introduction also including thesis statement
II: Discussing the opposing views from different authors
III: Evidence of the impact social networking has on teen depression
I think things that could be mentioned are like examples of cyber-bullying and rejection and how it has led some teens to commit suicide.
IV: My view on how social networking contributes to suicide increase
I do believe that it has contributed to suicide increase in teens?. But I will also like to discuss possible ways that it could have been avoided
V: Conclusion